Factors in Planning a Roof Top or Balcony Garden


Although roof gardens and balconies are often more exposed to the sun and wind than patios, many of the same design considerations apply.

Whilst low-maintenance design and planting is often the highest design priority, the weight of containers is also important; if there are weight restrictions, plastic or fibreglass containers are preferable to those made from terracotta or stone. Likewise, if additional flooring is required, lightweight materials should be used in place of heavy paving slabs.

If the area is subject to strong winds, you can provide shelter for plants and people with sturdy trellis screens. However, any windbreaks must be securely fixed for safety reasons, and you need to take into account that a screen may obstruct your view.

Balconies are often more sheltered than roof gardens and are frequently shaded from above. Make the most of all the available space by growing climbers up ornamental trellis and by fixing sturdy brackets and shelves to the house wall to support troughs and pots of trailing plants.