Family: Mimosaceae

Most of the 400 or so species of perennial shrubs, trees and woody vines in this genus are tropical in origin, with the largest number being native to the tropical Americas. They have feather-like foliage and round heads of small flowers with long stamens.


M. pudica, sensitive plant, touch-me-not or humble plant, grows 30-45 cm (12-18 in) high, and has sensitive foliage and flowers which droop if handled. The lilac-pink flowers appear in summer. This species can be invasive and has become a problem weed in some tropical countries.


Mimosa must be grown in a sunny position. They do not tolerate frost. Propagate from seed sown in late winter or early spring or from cuttings taken from young growth. Where frosts are a problem, grow in an intermediate greenhouse or conservatory.


Warmest parts of zone 9, or zone 10.

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