Family: Rutaceae

There are four species in this genus of small trees or shrubs which originate from parts of India, Southeast Asia and Australia. They have attractive, glossy, green leaves and fragrant, white flowers, and make useful hedging and screening plants. In frost-prone climates, they make good container plants for the intermediate to warm greenhouse or conservatory.


M. koenigii, curry leaf, is a small tree, native to India and Sri Lanka. The leaves are used in curries in places where the plant grows naturally.

M. paniculata, orange jessamine, is an attractive shrub, 5-7 m (16-23 ft) high, with glossy foliage and heavily scented, white flowers which may appear several times a year. Its normal flowering time is summer, but it often blooms after periods of heavy rain.


Under glass, grow in well-drained, soil-based potting compost. Provide good light, but shade from direct strong sun. Water well during the growing season, but far less in winter. Outdoors grow in full sun or very light shade in rich, well-drained soil. Propagate from seed sown in spring or from semi-ripe cuttings in summer, both with bottom heat.


Zone 10.

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