Synonyms: Ipomoea
Family: Convolvulaceae

Native to Central and South America, these herbaceous, twining or climbing plants have bright green, lobed leaves. The flowers form a slightly irregular, curved tube. Some botanists include this plant with Ipumocar.


M. lobata, (Synonym: Ipomoea lobata), the only species generally cultivated, is a showy climber, producing long sprays of orange-red flowers, tipped with gold, through summer and autumn.


Grow as an annual and propagate from seeds sown in spring. Sow seed, germinated at 18°C (64°F), at one seed per pot. Plant out after frosts in a warns, sunny, sheltered spot, with some means of support, such a trellis.


Zone 9, but grown as a summer annual in all zones.

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