Family: Aizoaceae
Common Name: Ice Plant

Naturalized throughout many hot, dry regions of the world, this genus includes both annual and biennial succulents. Mostly prostrate in habit, all are covered with soft protuberances and appear as though covered with dew. This feature gave rise to the common name. The flowers vary in colour from white and creamy yellow to pink and red.


M. crystallinum, a biennial succulent from southern Africa, has become naturalized in other parts of the world, including the Mediterranean and the south-west coast of North America. It has a carpet-forming habit, dense, spoon-shaped leaves and cream, self-fertile flowers.

M. nodiflorum occurs in many countries, including southern parts of Europe, northern Africa and North and Central America. It has grayish green leaves and stems, and white flowers.


These plants are easy to grow and work well in rockeries and as groundcovers. Propagate from stem cuttings or from seed. Grow in full sun in any well-drained soil. Water regularly to establish and then only occasionally as they are very drought-tolerant. In frost-prone climates they can be bedded out for the summer.


Zone 9.

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