Family: Piperaceae

These shrubs or small trees originating from New Zealand and the South Pacific resemble the pepper tree. They have alternate leaves, axillary spikes of small, unisexual flowers that protrude from the foliage, and fruit which is coloured yellow to bright orange.


M. excelsum, kawa kawa or pepper tree, from New Zealand, is an attractive, bushy shrub or small tree. It has dark green, heart-shaped, aromatic leaves, tiny yellow to orange flowers, and clusters of small, round, orange fruits.


Macropipers are sensitive to frost and they should be grown in an intermediate greenhouse or conservatory in climates prone to frost. They like a rich, well-drained, soil-based potting compost and good light, but shade from direct sun. Keep the compost steadily moist. Outdoors grow in partial shade in a rich, well-drained soil. Propagate from seed in the spring or alternatively from semi-ripe cuttings in the summer, with bottom heat for both.


Zone 10.

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